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Women and their Body

16. März 2023, 9:30 - 18:00

Recent events have shown that it is urgent and fundamentally important to shed new light, through philosophical, linguistic, literary, scientific, medical and artistic perspectives, on the female body and the position of women in relation to their body. Too often it seems that women do not have the right to determine their own body, although men have never been deprived of this right. The question of power over the body is strongly linked to the distinction between men and women. It seems that men have more rights and power on their own body than women. But how is this possible? What is the status of the female body in culture and society? Why is the female body both, an object of desire and a battlefield for demonstrating male power? To what extent have medicine and technology interfered in recent years with the female body and with what consequences?

The conference Women and their body intends to enlarge the network by making it more interdisciplinary, starting with a multidisciplinary Talk Series and Conference. Early scholars as well as established researchers are invited to send abstracts covering different fields in the humanities, speaking about Women and their body. New Voices is a place to connect and to foster communication on our work.

In the Talk Series from Winter 2022/23, there are 6 meetings/dates (completely on Zoom) and on March, 15th, 16th and 17th 2023, an international, hybrid conference will take place, with a Masterworkshop on March 15th.

Registration is now open to everybody interested in the subject (no registration fees):

For further information or any question, please feel free to send an email to

Panel I

09.30 Welcome

10.00 Chelsea Harry: Sappho and the Body in Desire

10.30 Enrico Piergiacomi: Leontion and Epicurean Woman Body

11.00 George N. Vlahakis: The real body-the imaginative body. Women and their bodies in the ancient Greek drama

11.30 Coffee Break

11.45 Amalia Cerrito: Theoretically contended: the female body in 13th-century theology, anthropology, and natural philosophy

12.15 Amber L. Griffioen: Losing a Part of You? On the Philosophical Relevance of Miscarriage and other Forms of Pregnancy Loss

12.45 Lunch

14.00 Sidra Shahid: Miscarriage: Phenomenological and Feminist Perspectives

14.30 Stella Villarmea: A New Logos for Genos: Approaching a Philosophy of Birth

15.00 Sarah Pawlett-Jackson: Menstrual temporality: Cyclic bodies in a linear world

15.30 Coffee Break

15.45 Carlota Serrahima: The experience of dysmenorrhea

16.15 Ainhoa Rodriguez: Been Seen whilst hidden

16.45 Paula Muhr: Current Neuroimaging Research into Hysteria and its Ambiguous Relation to the Traumatised Female Body

17.15 Coffee Break

17.30 Urszula Lisowska: The Politics of the Thyroid. Re-Claiming One’s Own Metabolism

Panel II

09.30 Welcome

10.00 Felix Grewe: The Reinvention of the human body: Cyborgs, String Figures and new Boundaries

10.30 Annalisa Cananzi: Women’s body and digital technologies: disembodied freedom or reproduction of social hierarchies?

11.00 Evangelia Chordaki: Describe, experience, and visualize: Re-inventing the female body through science communication

11.30 Coffee Break

11.45 Lisa Krall: Mothers matter! Mother(hood) as material-discursive entanglement

12.15 Henning Nörenberg: “Throwing like a girl”, “spreading like a man”? Body, power, and the sense of being in the right

12.45 Lunch

14.00 Ariadni Polychroniou: The theoretical construction of female embodiment in the early feminist phenomenological framework of Iris Marion Young

14.30 Gaganjot Kaur: The Challenge of Menstrual Shame in South-Asian Cultures: A Phenomenological Study

15.00 Ayegboyin Abimbola: A Comparative Study of Women’s Body as Ritual Containment in African Indigenous Churches and African Indigenous Religion in South-Western Nigeria

15.30 Coffee Break

15.45 Natalia Anna Michna: Tenderness towards the body as a cognitive, ethical and aesthetic imperative

16.15 Shadi Heidarifar: The Politics of Embodiment, Intersectionality, and Recognition

16.45 Susan Stark: The Reproduction of Power Imbalances: a holistic, abolitionist approach to social injustice

17.15 Coffee Break

17.30 Robin Wang: Body as a Miniature of Cosmos: Female Daoist Embodied Thinking